Variable frequency drive 4kW 400V A550 Plus-4T0040

Model A550-4T0040
Power 4 kW
Nominal output current 9 A
Input voltage 50/60Hz 3 Phases 400V
Power cable cross section 4 mm²
Brake unit Yes
EMC filter Yes (C2)

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Simple controls
Integrated potentiometer
Compact frame and optimized size

The STANDARD A550 Plus series of 4,0kW AC drives available from VYBO Electric are versatile and integrated economy class devices. They are characterized by user-friendly controls and a straightforward design. These converters have been carefully developed based on extensive experience and valuable user feedback to ensure they are perfect for our customers’ specific needs. The variable frequency drive A550 Plus are pre-programmed and ready for immediate use. Just connect them correctly to the power supply and you can control them directly from the panel or via an external source. Activating the converter is as easy as pressing the START button and adjusting the integrated control button, which automatically accelerates or decelerates the electric motor.

Variable frequency drive 4,0kW 400V A550 in stock

Variable frequency drive 4,0kW 400 V A550 in stock. With an output frequency range of 0 to 999 Hz, the A550 inverters also feature a motor torque boost function of up to 30%. They are suitable for controlling both asynchronous and synchronous motors. In addition, the A550 converters are equipped with a physical RS 485 MODBUS interface as standard, allowing easy communication via the MODBUS RTU protocol. The inverters are equipped with safety functions such as the EMS immediate stop function and offer the option of connecting PTC protection or a thermal contact for motor safety. In addition, they have an integrated connector for convenient external placement of the control panel via a cable. With integrated PID, PLC, AVR, 2 timers and other functions, these variable frequency drives offer comprehensive control options.

The possible uses of the 4,0kW A550 400V variable frequency drive are diverse and range from private use to various industrial areas. Some examples of areas where these converters are commonly used include pumps, air conditioning, textile production, grocery stores, electrical transmissions, and ceramic manufacturing.

Sale of variable frequency drives 4,0kW A550 400V

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As well as offering a wide range of high quality variable speed drives, VYBO Electric is proud to offer comprehensive sales and delivery services to its customers in the United Kingdom. We understand the importance of convenience and efficiency when purchasing and maintaining industrial equipment. When you choose to purchase from VYBO Electric, you can trust our team to guide you through the entire purchasing process. Our website serves as a reliable platform for you to explore our extensive range of variable frequency drives. With detailed product descriptions and specifications, you can make an informed decision based on your specific needs.

Once you have selected the ideal variable frequency drive for your application, ordering is quick and easy. Our user-friendly online ordering system allows for a smooth transaction and ensures your purchase is processed in a timely manner. We accept various payment methods, offering flexibility and convenience.

High quality variable frequency drive A550 400V from VYBO Electric in stock

At VYBO Electric, we value the long-term success of our customers. Therefore, we are committed to delivering reliable, high-performance variable frequency drives that meet your specific requirements. We continually strive to improve our products and services, keeping pace with industry advancements and customer feedback. Whether you need a variable frequency drive for a simple residential application or a complex industrial facility, we have the expertise and resources to meet your needs. Our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and timely delivery distinguishes us as a trustworthy supplier in the market.

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Experience the benefits of partnering with VYBO Electric for all your AC drive needs. Browse our website, place your order and leave the rest to us. We look forward to serving you and exceeding your expectations with our world-class products and exceptional service. Contact us today to start your search for the perfect variable frequency drive for your United Kingdom operation.

Detailed specification

Model type A550 Plus Rated power output (kW) Rated output current (A) Nominal input current (A) Recommended motor power (kW)
A550 Plus-4T0040 4,0 10 9 4,0
Input voltage (V) 50/60Hz Motor power (kW) Recommended cable cross section (mm²) Recommended circuit breaker (A)
3 Phases 3×400 V 4,0 4 16

Table of suitable braking resistors

Type of frequency converter Brake resistor Brake unit Recommended motor power (kW)
Resistance power (kW) Resistance value (Ω) (≥)
A550 Plus-4T0040 0,30 130 Integrated 4,0

General technical parameters for all types A550 Plus

Nominal voltage, frequency 1PH input / 3PH output AC 230 V 50/60Hz…type: 2S…
1PH input / 1PH output AC 230 V 50/60Hz,..type: S2S…S
3PH input / 3PH output AC 400 V 50/60Hz ..type: 4T
Input voltage range 230V: 170V – 240V; 400V:330V – 440V
Output voltage range 230V: 0 – 230 V; 400V:0 – 400V
Management method 3-phase sinusoidal pulse width PWM modulation
Indication Operating status / alarm definition / interactive setpoint frequency, actual output frequency, output current, output speed, DC bus voltage, output voltage, etc.
Output frequency range 0.10 – 999.9 Hz
Set frequency resolution Numerical input: 0.01 Hz,
Analog input: 0.1% max. output frequency
Overload P-Type: 120% for 60 seconds
Frequency setting Analog: 0 to 10 V, 4 to 20 mA selectable;
Numerical: Input via the control wheel on the control panel or RS485 or the UP/DOWN button. The ability to set frequency inputs X+Y;X-Y; Switching between
Torque gain control Automatic control: Automatic torque increase when the drive is loaded. Manual Control: Allows you to set a torque increase from 0.0 to 30.0% as needed.
Multifunctional input terminal block 4 multi-function input terminals, realizing functions such as speed control for fifteen sections, program flow, four-stage acceleration/deceleration speed switch, UP/DOWN function and emergency stop and other functions
Multifunctional output terminal block 1 multi-function output terminal block to display operation, standstill, counter, external abnormality, program operations and other information and warnings.
Setting the acceleration/deceleration time 0~999.9 s The acceleration/deceleration time can be set individually.
PID controller Built-in PID controller
Additional features JOG (tap); oscillation frequency (jump); PLC functions
Constant pressure control SLP sleep mode, hP high pressure detection; LP low pressure detection; forced circulation of antifreeze fluid; flow regulation; detects running “dry” LL; PID control for constant pressure
Type of communication interface MODBUS
RS 485 Standard communication function RS485 (MODBUS RTU)
V/F control Adjust the V/F curve to meet the load requirements.
Fixed speed Four multi-function input terminal blocks, you can set 4 fixed speed sections
Safety function EMS STOP The “Emergency stop” system stops the inverter in emergency situations immediately after activating EMS STOP.
Auto. Voltage regulation Automatic voltage regulation selectable
Switch Built-in 2 counter groups
Output frequency accuracy 0.01Hz
Overvoltage Surge protection adjustable
Undervoltage Undervoltage protection adjustable
Other protection measures Output short circuit, overcurrent, parameter blocking, etc.
EMC compatibility IEC 61000-4-6; IEC 61000-4-4;IEC 61000-4-11; IEC 61000-4-5
Standards EN/IEC 61800-3: 2017; C2, which is suitable for the 1st environment EN 61800-3:2004+A1:2012; EN 618-5-1:2007+A1:2017
Ambient temperature -10°C to 40°C (without icing)
Ambient Humidity Max. 95% (without condensation) IEC 60068-2-3
Height above sea level Below 1000 m asl
Vibrations Max. 0.5g ; IEC 60068-2-6
Cooling mode Forced air cooling
Coverage level IP20; corresponds to EN/IEC 61800-5-1
Mounting type On the wall or on a 35mm DIN rail

Variable frequency drive 4kW 400V A550 In stock United Kingdom

Variable frequency drive 4kW 400V A550 In stock United Kingdom

Variable frequency drive 4kW 400V A550 In stock United Kingdom

Variable frequency drive 4kW 400V A550 In stock United Kingdom

dimensional drawing A550 Plus 4T0040

Performance parameters of the A550 series inverters

1PH / 3PH AC 230V ±15%
Inverter model type A550 Rated power. Power (kW) Maximum input current (A) Rated output current (A) Recommended motor power (kW)
A550 Plus -2S0004 a S2….S* 0.4 5.4 2.4 0.4
A550 Plus -2S0007 a S2….S* 0.75 7.2 4.5 0.75
A550 Plus -2S0015 a S2….S* 1.5 10 7 1.5
A550 Plus -2S0022 a S2….S* 2,2 16 10 2,2
A550 Plus -2S0030 a S2….S* 3 23 16 3
3PH / 3PH AC 400V ±15%
A550 Plus -4T0007 0.75 3.8 2.5 0.75
A550 Plus -4T0015 1.5 5 3.7 1.5
A550 Plus -4T0022 2,2 5.8 5 2,2
A550 Plus -4T0040 4 10 9 4
A550 Plus -4T0055 5.5 15 13 5.5
A550 Plus -4T0075 7.5 19 17.5 7.5
A550 Plus -4T0110 11 26 25 11
A550 Plus -4T0150 15 35 32 15
A550 Plus -4T0220 22 46 45 22
A550 Plus -4T0300 30 62 60 30
A550 Plus -4T0370 37 76 75 37
Input voltage (V) 50/60Hz Motor power (kW) Recommended cable cross section (mm²) Recommended breaker (A) Recommended input contactor (A)
A550 Plus -2S0004 a S2….S* 1 phase 1×230 V 0.4 2.5 10 10
A550 Plus -2S0007 a S2….S* 0.75 2.5 16 10
A550 Plus -2S0015 a S2….S* 1.5 4 16 16
A550 Plus -2S0022 a S2….S* 2,2 4 25 25
A550 Plus -2S0030 a S2….S* 3 6 32 32
A550-4T0004 3 phases 3×400 V 0.4 2.5 6 6
A550 Plus -4T0007 0.75 2.5 6 6
A550 Plus -4T0015 1.5 2.5 10 10
A550 Plus -4T0022 2,2 2.5 10 10
A550 Plus -4T0040 4 4 16 16
A550 Plus -4T0055 5.5 4 20 16
A550 Plus -4T0075 7.5 4 32 25
A550 Plus -4T0110 11 6 32 25
A550 Plus -4T0150 15 6 40 32
A550 Plus -4T0185 18.5 10 50 40
A550 Plus -4T0220 22 10 63 50
A550 Plus -4T0300 30 16 100 65
A550 Plus -4T0370 37 25 100 80
A550 Plus -4T0450 45 35 125 95
A550 Plus -4T0550 – 4T1600

Table of suitable braking resistors A550

Frequency converter type Brake resistor Brake unit Recommended motor power (kW)
Resistance power (kW) Resistance value (Ω) (≥)
A550 PLus-2S0004 0.4
A550 PLus-2S0007 0.75
A550 PLus-2S0015 1.5
A550 PLus-2S0022 2,2
A550 Plus-2S0030 0.25 65 Integrated 3
A550 PLus-4T0004 0.4
A550 PLus-4T0007 0.75
A550 PLus-4T0015 1.5
A550 PLus-4T0022 2,2
A550 Plus-4T0040 0.3 130 Integrated 4
A550 Plus-4T0055 0.4 90 Integrated 5.5
A550 Plus-4T0075 0.5 65 Integrated 7.5
A550 Plus-4T0110 0.8 43 Integrated 11
A550 Plus-4T0150 1 32 Integrated 15
A550 Plus-4T0185 1,3 25 Integrated 18.5
A550 Plus-4T0220 1.5 22 Integrated 22
A550 Plus-4T0300 2.5 16 Integrated 30
A550 Plus-4T0370 3.7 12.6 Integrated 37
A550 Plus-4T0450 4.5 9.4 Integrated 45
A550 Plus-4T0550 55
A550 Plus -4T0750 75
A550 Plus-4T0900 90
A550 Plus-4T1100 110
Rated power at normal load (normal operation) 4,0 kW
Nominal output current 9 A
Supply voltage 3 x 400 V
Output voltage 0 – 400 V
Output frequency 0 – 999 Hz
Overload capability in ND mode – Normal Duty 120% / 60s
Overload in HD mode – Heavy Duty X
Control mode V/F scalar control
SFVC vector open loop control mode X
CLVC vector control mode X
Analog inputs 1
Digital inputs 4
Analog outputs X
Relay outputs 1
Open Collector Outputs X
Brake transistor
EMC filter
+10V output
+24 V output X
Input for PTC
Safe Torque Off (STO) X
Emergency stop (EMS)
Integrated Ethernet X
Integrated MODBUS RTU
PG card for encoder X
Intelligent PLC function
External panel connection (typically up to 30 m)
Protection class IP 20
Protection class IP 65 X
Change direction of rotation via external input
Change direction of rotation in the control panel X
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Variable frequency drive 4kW 400V A550 In stock United KingdomVariable frequency drive 4kW 400V A550 Plus-4T0040
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