Factory program

VYBO Electric United Kingdom

Factory program

VYBO Electric’s production program focuses primarily on quality. Our main advantages are: high quality, flexibility, short delivery times and a very wide range of electric motor production. We have extensive experience in manufacturing and supplying various types of electric motors. We can design and manufacture an electric motor according to customer’s exact requirements.

Stator frame:

  • Gray cast iron for ribbed frames
  • Due to certain advantages, welded frames for slat electric motors are also available
  • Welded tubular frames
  • Welded modular structures for high-performance electric motors
  • Also module frame made of gray cast iron
  • Special aluminum frames for light weight applications.


  • Rotor with closed squirrel cage – rotor cage made of copper
  • Rotor with closed squirrel cage rotor – aluminum rotor cage
  • Slip ring rotor
  • Rotors with double copper cages


  • All windings are solved with the high-tech VPI technology


  • We carry out type tests and routine tests
  • Full load tests after production of electric motors (up to 10 MW)
  • routine tests and others

Main products of VYBO Electric

Elektromotoren H17R Verkauf

H17R series

Medium and high voltage electric motors in IC411 and IC416 cooling, if necessary IC511.

Elektromotoren H17RL Verkauf

H17RL series

Low-voltage electric motors with a compact design and high performance.

Elektromotoren H27R Verkauf

H27R series

Medium and high voltage electric motors with modular frame.

Elektromotoren SR Verkauf

H27R-SR series

High voltage electric motors with modular frame and slip ring.

LC motoren verkauf

LC series

Low voltage IEC 55 kW and more.

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