Modular high voltage electric motor 500kW 6000V 991 rpm H27R-4002-6

Model H27R-4002-6
Power 500 kW
Nominal voltage 6000 V +/-10%
Frame 400 mm
Poles 6
Frequency 50 Hz
Speed 991 rpm
Frame type welded steel
Cooling IC611, IC616, IC666
Assembly B3, B35, V1, IM V15
Protection IP44, IP54, IP55, IP65, IP67

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Copper rotor cage
Reinforced bearing shields
Low vibration
Perfect modern design
Modular compatible frame
Optimized assembly design
Little noise
H27R electric motor frame

Compact, ergonomic, modern frame

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Reinforced shields and reinforced bearings

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Modular high voltage electric motor 500kW 6000V 991 rpm H27R-4002-6 in stock with fast delivery. Contact us today for more information.

High voltage electric motors H27R 500kW 6000V with short armature

The H27R 500kW 6000V (6-pole) high voltage electric motors with short circuit armature are part of the professional motor series designed for the most demanding industrial conditions. They are manufactured in various versions with a power range from 132kW to 20,000kW. We adapt each engine to the customer’s requirements and needs.

High voltage electric motors 500kW H27R 6000V – modular frame

The H27R series 500kW modular frame short armature high voltage electric motors are one of the popular motor series. These are robust motors with high performance that are primarily used in demanding industrial applications. Versions for use with frequency converters are also available for our customers. Variable frequency drives (FM-VFDs) generally provide even higher efficiency and more precise process control in square or constant torque applications. We accompany you through the entire process, from selecting an engine to its successful use in your company. You can rely on our experts.

Electric motors with short-circuit armature 500kW 6-pole

VYBO Electric high-voltage electric motors with short armature – maximum quality and maximum flexibility in a modular frame. Our H27R high-voltage motors are available in virtually every configuration imaginable and provide power up to an incredible 20,000kW. They can be used in a variety of ways because they are adaptable. Right from the start you can select several basic parameters that your engine should meet. Therefore, their correct selection is very important. This is primarily about performance, voltage, protection class or cooling.

HV electric motors H27R (modular frame) 500kW 991 rpm – VYBO Electric

Our 500kW H27R series short armature motors have a high power density and are very reliable. The high power density means that for a given performance you can often use a motor with a smaller size than traditional products. This compactness helps the motors to be better adapted to different applications even when space is limited. Motors are manufactured to your requirements and are highly customizable. If you have special requirements, just inquire about the possibility of implementation. Virtually everything is customizable. We have created comprehensive documentation with drawings and technical data on the electrical performance of each motor. VYBO Electric support is always available.

Advantages of the H27R 500kW electric motors with short armature

These are some of the advantages of VYBO Electric’s H27R high voltage Electric Motors:
– minimal vibrations
– Integrated maintenance features reduce downtime and idle costs
– Engines are used by hundreds of satisfied customers around the world that you can rely on
– high production quality
– PT100 winding and bearings
– Performance data, drawings and other information are easily and quickly available
– SPM nipple for measuring shock pulses in each rolling bearing
– Fast delivery of H27R electric motors throughout the United Kingdom

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