Low voltage electric motor 400kW 2978 rpm, 400V/690V H17RL355-2 IE3+ efficiency

Model H17RL355-2
Power 400 kW
Nominal voltage 400/690 V
Frame 355 mm
Poles 2
Frequency 50 Hz
Speed 2978 rpm
Frame type Cast iron
Efficiency IE3+

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Reinforced bearings
Optimal compact frame
Reinforced feet
Optimized additional box
Isolated NDE side
Reinforced cast iron frame
H17RL electric motors

Compact, ergonomic, modern frame

H17RL Stator

H17RL Stator

H17RL Winding


H17RL Rotor


H17RL electric motors in stock

Reinforced shields and reinforced bearings

H17RL electric motors sales

Advantages of buying from us

Electric motor 400kW 2978 rpm, 400V/690V H17RL355-2 in various versions in stock. The H17RL series belongs to the category of low voltage electric motors with power up to 1000kW. Electric motors are made from high-quality materials and meet the strictest production and quality standards.

Low voltage electric motors 400kW H17RL 400V/690V, VYBO Electric (380V/660V, 420V/720V)

Low voltage electric motors 400kW H17RL 400V/690V, VYBO Electric for sale. Because VYBO Electric focuses primarily on the quality of its products, you can be assured that when you purchase from us, you are getting the best quality on the market. This also applies to the Electric motor H17RL with a power of 400kW, which will certainly meet your needs. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time. We will be happy to advise you and help you choose a suitable electric motor variant for your business.

Electric motor 400kW H17RL IE3 efficiency – sale

We have our 2-pole 400kW H17RL high performance electric motor in stock and ready to ship. In our company we know how important fast delivery is, because every day of stopped operations means a big loss for you. For this reason, we have thousands of electric motors in stock just waiting to be shipped. You can rest assured that your delivery will take place without unnecessary waiting times.

Low voltage high performance electric motor 400kW H17RL

Class H17RL electric motors operate at low voltage and at the same time achieve very high performance. Their construction is robust and the design is extremely sophisticated. The basic equipment of the H17RL engines includes:

  • Electric motor H17RL355-2 (400kW)
  • Stator sheets (cutting and pressing are done by machine)
  • Rotor of the electric motor
  • Electric motor winding
  • Metal housing of the connection terminal
  • Reinforced cast iron bearing shields
  • Reinforced rotor cage (steel, aluminum and copper additives)
  • Vacuum impregnation – VPI (vacuum pressure impregnation)
  • Machine winding
  • robust feet made of reinforced cast iron
  • Highest quality and purity of the copper in the winding wire, which is painted
Sale and rapid distribution of electric motors throughout the United Kingdom

At VYBO Electric, we know how important fast delivery time is for our customers. Therefore, we do our best to deliver your goods in the shortest possible time. No matter whether you are based in London, Glasgow or Leeds, anywhere in the United Kingdom you can be sure that your new Electric motor will be delivered in the shortest possible time. If you are looking for an Electric motor with a great price-performance ratio, VYBO Electric is the right choice for you. Don’t hesitate and order from us today.

Why the Electric motor H17RL from VYBO Electric?
  • Powerful, reliable 2-pole electric motors with durable construction
  • Motors are available from stock
  • Express fast delivery times
  • We have thousands of satisfied customers
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